Session and discussion plan Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018.
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Session and discussion plan Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018 (

We are on the way back from Drupal Camp Ruhr, and it's a good time to write down my thoughts and impressions from the camp.

This was my first time at this camp in Essen and I was really impressed by the organisation and the location. It took place in the so-called 'Unperfekthaus', a really special place, with lots of space for discussions, sessions and sprinting areas. The event was a mixture between a traditional camp with sessions and a barcamp with open discussions. Especialy the latter allowed for a lot of great interaction in a semi-organized way. For example, there were a lot of spontanious discussions around the upcoming Drupal Europe Event on 10th to 14th of September 2018 and around the cooperation between local Drupal user groups an associations. 

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We attended with the whole family, which was new for us and as far as I know also for Drupal camps in Germany.

It was no problem to bring children, they had a lot of fun, and everyone was really friendly to them. I think we should encourage children in Drupal events, because a lot of members of the community have children and could better participate, if they can bring their families.

Thank you Drupal Camp Ruhr for sponsoring the tickets of Jakob and Elva.

My first highlight of the camp was the panel discussions about Drupal distributions, in which I participated on behalf of deGov.

The panel was moderated by Tobias and we had a lively debate about the challenges funding distributions, updating configurations, and providing demo contents.

Family Breidert at Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018
Our family at Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018 (


In my opinion a panel discussion in the beginning is a good way to start an event in order to facilitate interesting discussions.

After the panel we took a nice group photo which someone coined "Drupal Avengers" (

Participants panel discussion Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018
Mohammed (Varbase), Christoph (deGov), Miro (Translation Management), Bojan (Drupal Commerce), Christian (Thunder), Christina (Out-of-the-box initiative), Moritz (Open Social) -

On Saturday Baddý held her session about what Drupal can learn from the Icelandic football association. This was the same talk which she held as keynote in Drupal Camp London two weeks ago. 

The whole weekend was packed with tons of great sessions and discussions. To highlight a few, there was a great session about Media in Drupal core by Christian Fritsch and very interesting session about auto-saving of entity forms and conflict-resolutions by Hristo Chonov. Markus Orenstrat even gave us a private session, because we missed his official session.

My colleague Artem Dmitriiev also held a great session about configuration management and presented a module that we developed for deGov to handle updating configurations with dependencies. These are my personal highlights, there were also many other great sessions, that I could not attend.


Drupal Europe 2018 stickers - Dont forget to buy your ealry-bird ticket
Drupal Europe 2018 - Don't forget to buy your early supporter ticket (


Artem Dmitriiev talking about configuration managemetn with dependencies at Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018
Artem talking about configuration management with dependencies (


Christian Fritsch talking about media at Drupal Camp Ruhr 2018
Christian talking about Media in Drupal core (


Markus Orenstadt talking about automatic testing with Gitlab
Markus about Gitlab review apps (


On Sunday I had a spot to hold a session about decoupled Drupal, in which I talked about the possibilities to do full inline WYSIWYG editing directly in a decoupled Drupal frontend.

I received a lot of positive feedback, because decoupling and improving the editors experience are some of the most important topics for Drupal at the moment.

The slides from the session and the demo videos will be published in the next days.

For 1xINTERNET as a sponsor the event was also a great success. We were able to create a lot of happiness sponsoring beer at a critical point of the camp, when beer supply was running low.

Thank you everybody for creating and participating in such a great camp - and see you soon.



Submitted by Ryan Szrama (not verified) on Mon, 03/19/2018 - 17:05

Way to go, Artem! Sounds like a great event. : )

(Also, Bojan looks very intimidating in that photo ... hope he played nicely with others. ; )

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